Due to donating these things on the moon emissions, all the bad effects have become far and near future.

The biggest astronomical event to be held on July 27, which is to be held on July 27, 2018, is the largest lunar eclipse of the century. It is believed that this lunar eclipse will be clearly seen in three continents. It is often thought that lunar eclipse has different effects on our zodiac, some of which are good and some bad.

  Today, we will tell you to avoid the effects and     transform them into good effects. Some of the      measures that you can easily do in the home        and find benefits in this lunar eclipse

     What to do during lunar eclipse

      If you are struggling with a property dispute,      after donating the lunar eclipse, donate                  sesame   seeds made of sesame donations. Yes, if the astrologers believe, then it will continue to donate sesame seeds to the people who are struggling with this lunar eclipse property dispute.

If you want, you can also donate barley made of sesame, laddus made of sesame seeds or sesame seeds and peanuts. These measures can help you get rid of all property disputes. Also, these measures are considered very good.

It is also easy for people who are going through economic difficulties. If you are going through economic problems for a long time, then after bathing the lunar eclipse, make the body pure and then rosy desserts like Rasgule, Anguri Petha etc. donate.

According to the astrologers if you have a long time in your home or someone is very sick, then make a sick one by putting a piece of silver in a bowl filled with ghee and donations.

When it comes to troubles to troubles, then tell you that the ants and fish are fed by feeding the food the next day of the lunar eclipse, all troubles will be resolved.

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