#Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi three weddings and love affair

Tamil Nadu: At the end of the 60s, in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, we were asked a strange question from Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi. Who is living with him in the house of Oliver Road, for which he is officially hired. Karunanidhi responded by asking the eyes of the person in the eyes, my daughter Kanimozhi's mother lives in it. After this Rajit Ammal was officially considered his wife. After this the question was never asked of him.

For the last few decades, the routine of Karunanidhi was tied. They used to spend night with Rajati Ammal in the CJI Colony's Giant Bungalow and went to their official residence at Gopalpur in the daytime. Where his wife Dayalu Ammal lives

Karunanidhi :Those days Karunanidhi was the most expensive script writer

At the age of 20, Karunanidhi started working as a script writer in Tamil cinema. Seeing them, they became hit writers. They used to get ten thousand rupees a month. In those days, the young Karunanidhi was very fervent and strong energy. He used to write scripts for a single South Cinema. While filming time between actors, actresses and producers, the time came when the Tamil politicians were also met by C. Annadurai. He was very impressed with them. He was also associated with his movements.

Karunanidhi : Loved-up Padmavati Loved

In the meantime, he liked Padmavati Ammiyar, who had a long and charming Nain map. Padmavati's brother CS Jayaraman was a well-known playback singer from South Cinema. Perhaps in 1945-46 young Karunanidhi got married to Padmavati. Both were happy Life was running well. His son, Hua M K Muthu But in the meantime, Padmavati was a victim of serious illness. He died in 1948. This was a big setback for Karunanidhi. After this he thought that he would now spend all his time working with Annadurai. Although this has not happened.

Karunanidhi : Second marriage

Four years later, in 1952, his parents married him with Dayalu Ammal. Meanwhile, Karunanidhi slowly began to give Annaadurai's political agenda more and more time with the track of the expensive world script writer. Kindly gave them four children-three sons and one daughter. I.e. MK Azhagiri, MK Stalin, AK Thamilarasu and Selvi. It was a perfect family. Karunanidhi had boarded the political boat with Annadurai. Gradually he became his most trusted ally.

Karunanidhi : That charming maiden of drama truppe

Time was running away, it's a matter of mid-60s. Elections were being held in Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi was fully engaged in campaigning with his political guru. In these elections, the services of a Drama Troupe were taken along with AIADMK's election team. The well-known dance group of poet Kannadasan There was an attractive teenager in this group, Rajati-whose acting was wonderful, when she performed plays with the group in election meetings, she would have been seen by her. There was something in this young woman, who became attractive to Karunanidhi.

Karunanidhi : News of new love spreading

After the two elections, they started meeting together However, its impact was also on his family life. Rajat's news of his growing love began to spread. The condition was that he did not want to leave the kindly Ammal, but wanted to include Rajati in his life too. Though his brother-in-law opposed it, the merciful did not remain behind, but compassion was determined by what he had to do. Political guru Annadurai accompanied him on this occasion..and the path of the middle came out.

Karunanidhi : This was a different kind of third marriage

In those days, his party, M. Munite, was running a program- self-limiting Kalyanam. Under this, neither he went to court nor married, nor did he call any priest and fulfilled the traditions of marital bond between the mantra but vowed to live together in the presence of many senior leaders of the party. He took his blessings. In this arrangement, there were the kindred Ammal Manavai (wife), then Rajati Ammal Thanavi (Sangini). This marriage took place between 1966 and 1967.

Karunanidhi : She was 21 and she's 42

Rajati was barely 20-21 years old at that time. Karunanidhi was 21 years older than him. A year later Kanimozhi was born in 1968. Legally, he has the right to be his wife, but the world knows that both of them are his wives. Both of them often seen with them in public forums and places. However, there was always a line of tension between the children of both the wives. If you leave the opportunities, then the children of both the sons of Karunanidhi are rarely seen publicly. After Karunanidhi, the race to become the strength and successor made the relations even more intense.

Karunanidhi : Jaya would often pinch

Although Jayalalitha survived till then, she did not falter on Karunanidhi's marital status. He often used to pinch that he could not deal with issues properly, because he had more pressure on family.

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