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Young men get a kick out of the chance to wed wedded ladies, these are 5 fascinating reasons

It might appear somewhat peculiar for you to hear this, however these days it is additionally conceivable to see something like this. These days, most young men are getting pulled in to wedded ladies. Let us know, this is definitely not an ongoing exploration done to us. Truth be told, there are a few purposes for this in look into, why men wed more wedded ladies than different young ladies and why they need to date them.


Hitched ladies are more sure than single young ladies. Their self-assurance draws in young men to them. Men feel that wedded ladies can see each issue better.

Profession accomplice

Hitched ladies are thought to be a greater number of orientation accomplices than young ladies. After marriage, he is worried about his family constantly. Young men bear this care of atitious young men.

Changes in hormones

Hormonal changes happen in ladies after marriage. Along these lines, his skin turns out to be very shine. This adjustment in ladies draws in men to them.

Sweet personality

Hitched ladies are talented at keeping the sweet grin on the face and in addition dealing with all the work at home and abroad accurately. Men with such a cheerful individual, as well as everybody will want to live. Young men additionally like this thing of ladies.

These 5 things will force your X to make you remember

Despite whether you have been broken for any reason, however since of this, people disregard to smile for some time. If you have had a division starting late and you are feeling the passing of a lot of your X or dismissal the misunderstandings of your X once and you have to give your relationship another plausibility, by then these 5 indications can empower you. With the help of these tips you can constrain your X to miss the minutes proceeded with you.

Supplant old photo

Put a photograph of your X that you put on your phone, change it first and put it on another photo phone. By doing this, you will comprehend that you are pushing ahead in your life and you will miss a bit of your X.

Change city

Have a noteworthy impact in your life to breath life into your X back. In case possible, move to another city. Impact your X to feel that you are leaving from them and now they will probably never get the chance to meet them. Doing all things considered will reestablish the warmth you have for your heart and that too should need to get you back once more.

Make friends

Make new friends to ignore horrendous feeling like partition. It is the best contrasting option to interface with new people at such conditions. By doing this, your framework in like manner increases and your buddies list too. In such a situation, your X will understand that now you have out of their standard scope of commonality and started meeting others. By then they will fear any new individual coming in your life. In such a way, they can return eventually in your life.

Change storage rooms

In the beginning of your relationship, people usually entire a lot of shopping, so do the same without a doubt to recuperate your X. Buy new articles of clothing and get your makeover Put pieces of clothing that you've never worn in your storage rooms. Exactly when your X will see this new sign, on account of pestering, he will start to miss you.

शादी के बाद भी कई महिलाओं का दिल क्यों आ जाता है किसी पराए मर्द पर, ये हैं 5 मुख्य कारण

किसी भी रिश्ते को मजबूत बनाए रखने के लिए उसमें प्यार और विश्वास का होना बेहद जरूरी है। लेकिन कई बार आपने देखा होगा कि सालों पुराने रिश्ते के बावजूद लोगों को किसी तीसरे व्यक्ति की जरूरत महसूस होने लगती है। आखिर अचानक ऐसा क्या हो जाता है कि महिलाएं अपने पार्टनर को छोड़ किसी पराए मर्द की तरफ आकर्षित होने लगती हैं। आइए जानते हैं 5 मुख्य कारण ।


कोई भी महिला पराए मर्द की तरफ उस स्थिति में आकर्षित होती है जब उसकी शादी दूसरे व्यक्ति से उसकी मर्जी के बिना करवा दी गई हो। ऐसे में महिला अपने पहले प्यार को भूला नहीं पाती और अपने अतीत की तरफ झुकाव महसूस करने लगती है।

शादी से ऊब चुकी हो

अपने पार्टनर की तरफ से प्यार और वक्त की कमी के चलते भी महिलाएं अपने रिश्ते से बोर हो जाती हैं। जिसकी वजह से जब कोई दूसरा व्यक्ति उन्हें अटेंशन देने लग जाता है और इस वजह से भी वह दूसरे मर्दो को आकर्षित करने लगती हैं।  इस वजह से भी प्रेम सम्बन्ध बनने लगते हैं।

भावनात्मक अकेलापन 

किसी भी रिश्ते की मजबूती उसके भावनात्मक पहलू पर निर्भर करती है। अगर कोई व्यक्ति अपनी पत्नी को वक्त नहीं देता या पत्नी के साथ ठीक से बातचीत नहीं करता। मतलब रिश्ते में कहीं से भी कोई भावनात्मक जुड़ाव नहीं है तो भी अफेयर होना लाजमी है।


कई बार महिलाएं पार्टनर द्वारा मिले अनादर का बदला लेने के लिए भी अफेयर करती हैं। यह बदला वह अपने पति को यह जताने के लिए करती है कि हमेशा किसी को दबाव में रखना कैसा लगता है।

ये भी पढेः- बारिश के मौसम में ये 5 टिप्स बनाएंगे आपकी डेट को बेहद रोमांटिक


कई बार महिलाएं इसलिए भी दूसरे लड़कों से अफेयर करती हैं जब उनका पार्टनर उनकी मानसिक, भावनात्मक जरूरतों के साथ-साथ उनकी शारीरिक जरूरतों का ध्यान भी ढंग से नहीं रख पाता है।


बारिश के मौसम में ये 5 टिप्स बनाएंगे आपकी डेट को बेहद रोमांटिक

आमिर खान ने फिल्म 'फना' में काजोल के लिए एक डायलॉग बोला था, 'फूल खिलते है बहारों का समा होता है ऐसे मौसम में ही तो प्यार जवां होता है'। जी हां बारिश का मौसम होता ही कुछ ऐसा है जब प्यार करने वाले दो दिल बारिश की बूंदों में भीगकर अपने इश्क को बुंदलियों पर ले जाने के सपने देख रहे होते हैं। अगर आप भी इस मानसून अपनी डेट को रोमांटिक बनाना चाहते हैं तो ये पांच टिप्स आपकी मदद कर सकते हैं। आइए जानते हैं क्या हैं ये शानदार तरीके ।

लॉग ड्राइव 

व्यस्त और तनाव भरे जीवन से राहत पाने के लिए बारिश सबसे अच्छा मौसम है।आप बारिश की रिमझिम में अपनी महबूबा को लॉग ड्राइव पर ले जा सकते हैं। ऐसा करने से यकीनन आपके रिश्ते में प्यार बढ़ जाएगा। 

ये भी पढे. - जाने….फेसबुक कैसे ट्रैक करता है कि आपने क्या सर्च किया

फेवरेट खाना 

 बारिश की बूंदों के बीच हल्की-हल्की ठंड में आपकी गर्लफ्रेंड के सामने उसका फेवरेट खाना आपकी डेट के साथ उनके मूड को भी अच्छा बनाने का काम करेगा।

गाड़ी में सुने रोमांटिक गाने

 अगर आप स्वभाव से शर्मीले हैं और बारिश के मौसम में आपकी गाड़ी में गर्लफ्रेंड आपके बगल में बैठी हो। ऐसे में गाड़ी में चलने वाले रोमांटिक गाने भी एक दूसरे को दिल की बात एक दूसरे को बताने मे मदद करते हैं।

बारिश में भीगे

 मई-जून की तपती गर्मी के बाद जब सावन के महिने में बारिश होती हैं तो किसी का भी मन उसमें भीगने का करेगा। इस बारिश में भीगते ही आपकी सारी टेंशन दूर हो जाती हैं और आपका मन भी खिला-खिला महसूस करता है। तो फिर देर किस बात की गर्लफ्रेंड का हाथ अपने हाथों में डालकर किसी पार्क या सड़क पर निकल पड़ें।


The girls with the names of these characters are the best partners, never cheats

The girls with the names of these characters are the best partners, never cheats
Everyone is looking for one or the other true partner. No one wants to cheat in love. By the way, before looking at the partner for yourself, you see all the things in it, then you take this decision, but after all this, you take a look at their name too. Actually our name also influences our behavior along with our personality. Let's know about the girls who are always loyal to their partner.

Letter G

Girls with names starting with this letter are definitely stubborn in nature, but they are very good and clean in the heart. According to astrology, these girls are also very diligent and if you talk about relationships then you can trust them by blindfolding them. Once someone makes someone their own, never leave him.

Letter d

The girls with the name starting with this letter have a very romantic nature. These are very caring for their partner. Despite being busy in office and household chores throughout the day, it takes time to take care of themselves and their partner. The special thing is that such girls are very honest for their partner.

Letter m

The girls of this name do not easily fall in love. They think very carefully and choose their partner, but once they fall in love with someone, they love their partner unintentionally. Not only this, girls with this letter also have great respect for their partner.

Letter s

This letter introduces girls very serious about their life partner. Such girls have a lot of patience. These girls play all the responsibilities related to their relationship and career.

Letter A

A-letter girls only accept their partner. It is very loyal to your partner. Keeping your partner happy, they come out well. You can think of a girl named A and take a date and marry her


Monsoon rains have been the story of traffic jams and waterfalls and bridges for Mumbai citizens this year.

For the subjects of Mumbai, the current year's storm has been set apart by pothole-related mishaps, a scaffold fall and continuous reports of serious waterlogging in numerous regions.

As per the Free Press Journal, only multi month into the monsoon, the greatest city has just seen 38 passings contrasted and 26 passings in rain-related occurrences a year ago.

A report by Indian Environment Portal clarified how the development of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and Bandra-Kurla Complex caused the evacuating of mangroves, which were the characteristic boundary that avoided flooding in the city, DNA reported. The progressing framework and uber lodging ventures have come about in new flooding spots emerging all over the city.

Andheri connect crumple

The accident, which prompted one lady's demise, brought the focus on the state of avenues and extensions in the city. The occurrence prompted the deferral and interruption of prepare benefits on the Western line for a few hours. Authorities had closed down no less than two overbridges crosswise over railroad tracks in Ghatkopar and Malad because of wellbeing worries amid an examination.

Following the Andheri connect fall, breaks were likewise seen on an extension at the Grant Road railroad station in south Mumbai.

In Ghatkopar, experts were compelled to redirect activity from the rail overbridge afterb  noticing splits in the structure

Pothole mishaps

On 13 July, a man was murdered and another injured after the cruiser they were going on skidded over a pothole in Sanpada in neighboring Navi Mumbai while a 40-year-old woman was squashed to death after she tumbled off a bicycle on a waterlogged street in Kalyan. These are two of five such incidents reported in the city.

In the midst of reports of a few passings because of rain-related mishaps in Mumbai, Maharashtra PWD serve Chandrakant Patil asserted that pothole-ridden streets can't be completely rebuked for the mischances. The announcement came even as five people have lost their lives because of harmed streets in the Mumbai locale over the most recent two weeks.

Addressing journalists in Sangli on Saturday, Patil stated, "When you discuss a passing in such a mishap, you overlook that five lakh other individuals have gone on a similar street. You can't put the whole fault on the (state of) streets alone."

The senior pastor hurried to include that he didn't have all the data about the ongoing mishaps, and move will be made against authorities in view of the certainties of each case. Relatives of the expired will get due pay, he included.

On Saturday, Congress specialists included and filled potholes rural Bandra as a component of its battle, titled "Aao Potholes Giney" (we should check potholes), and blamed Mumbai's metro body for not being set up for the rainstorm.

The Congress began the crusade on Thursday after Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis asserted that the quantity of potholes on Mumbai's streets had descended radically.
Abundance precipitation

This year, there have been reports of overabundance precipitation in various parts of Mumbai. On Sunday, a senior region official said that Maharashtra's Thane locale got 11,446.54 millimeters of precipitation this year, which is 66 percent of the precipitation it got amid the whole storm season last year. Thane got 11,446.54 millimeters precipitation this season so far as against 8,613.50 millimeters in a similar period a year ago, region data officer Aniruddha Ashtaputre said. The region had gotten 17,150.10 millimeters of precipitation in the whole rainstorm season a year ago, the authority said.

Mumbai experienced the highest tide of the period of 4.97 meters, reports said on Sunday. Considering a high tide took after by overwhelming precipitation could make waterlogging in low-lying territories, in perspective of the gauge, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) shut the conduits to keep seawater from entering the city amid high tide.

On Friday, inhabitants of Marine Drive grumbled of gigantic measures of rubbish that had been dumped on the famous beach front street because of high tide. A metro official said that work to tidy up the territory, went to by a huge number of Mumbaikars consistently, was taken up on a need premise before long.

On 9 July, the deluge was touted to be the most elevated of the season so far in multi day and caused automobile overloads. Numerous streets and lanes were overwhelmed and individuals were seen swimming through knee-profound water. The overwhelming deluge which started on 6 July crippled the city's framework, with severe waterlogging in numerous areas affecting streets and activity.

The Colaba observatory in south Mumbai recorded 170.6 millimetres of precipitation in 24 hours (from 8.30 am Sunday), an authority of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said."It is the most noteworthy precipitation of the season so far in 24 hours," IMD Mumbai's delegate executive general KS Hosalikar said.

By 10 July, the rain likewise affected Mumbai's life saver — the railroads — when the northern suburb of Nallasopara, was overwhelmed prompting interruptions in administrations of all trains being dropped. A couple of travelers were stranded in trains for over 16 hours.

That day, neighborhood trains, thought about the life saver of Mumbai, moved at a snail's pace because of waterlogging of the tracks, bringing about nerve racking circumstances for lakhs of office-goers and different suburbanites. A separation typically canvassed in around a hour took a few hours, even up to five hours now and again, as the rail tracks, and also streets, were submerged. The rains Also influenced by Mumbai's acclaimed tiffin bearers Dabbawalas, who are known for their on-time conveyance benefit: They suspended their administrations on Tuesday.

BMC gets fire

On 6 July, railroad serve Piyush Goyal, tending to the media, declared that throughout the following a half year, a joint security review would be led by The city's daily papers were scouting in their scope, with the city organization and state government coming in for overwhelming feedback.

In the midst of a plenty of feedback, the BMC additionally drew flak for on 9 July to announce a school occasion after understudies achieved schools. That day, overwhelming downpours battered the city and caused extreme waterlogging in a few sections of the city. Notwithstanding, Maharashtra education minister Vinod Tawde said the BMC would accept an approach proclaiming occasion for schools and universities in the city in case of substantial rain.